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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Turkey Yayıncılık Sistemleri A.Ş.

Another spin-off from Hitachi’s OB business development sees the creation of a mobile communications and surveillance vehicle. Based on a chassis, the vehicle has been completely rebuilt to integrate a number of advanced communications systems. The mobile multi communication platform consists of drive away antenna, PMR radio and cellular communication networks for up-linking streaming video, voice and data for first responder applications such as DSNG news, disaster recovery and, public safety agencies.  The system was designed and manufactured by Hitachi Kokusai Electric Turkey Broadcast Systems, integrating Hitachi wireless cameras, mobile antenna and coach building products.

Having undergone extensive coach building, the modified vehicle is fitted with numerous adaptations including power generators, air conditioning systems, pneumatic masts, stabilizing jacks & cranes and external lighting systems.

No matter where this vehicle travels its on-board facilities ensure that it is able to communicate efficiently and reliably with control centres. On board facilities include broadband satellite communications, mobile radio communications, iridium satellite telephone and wireless 3/4G LTE technologies. Alongside these, the Mobile Communication Vehicle possesses advanced video production resources.